Four Seasons

Brooklyn, New York City


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I was SOOO happy to find a Four Seasons booth at BAM's Dance Africa event last weekend (there were 3 all vegetarian booths selling similar Caribbean food) but I decided on Four Seasons since they had the best prices. This was my first time eating at Four Seasons in a few years and even when I did eat at their restaurant, I mostly just got snacks because I had previously filled up at the (now closed) Veggie Castle across the street.

I got 4 items for $7 and I decided on lo mein (nothing spectacular on its own but is good when mixed with fake meat), sauteed cabbage and carrots (good), curried tofu (slightly bland), and the sweet and sour chicken (delicious!).

Everyone there was really nice and they gave very generous portions. I look forward to visiting your restaurant again soon!

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