Fiddlers Green

Washington Island, Wisconsin


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This is hands down the best veggie restaurant on the Island. You can get veggie burgers and veggie egg roll at the ice-cream place The Albatross, but it is all deep fried. Here the food is made up fresh and the atmosphere is fun and a bit wild. Every time you enter the setting has been rearranged into another great look. They have amazing sushi and Mediterranean food in addition to the great regular Tapas style menu. You order several small dishes. All yummy. The beer and wine list is much to my liking, they have it all! Plus, there is a Trivia Pursuit night, talent night, musicians on a regular basis and just the staff can leave you laughing. In fact, I'm still laughing. Welcome To Washington Island!

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Simply AMAZING food! This restaurant is on a small island and even though the 4 other bars on the main st. serve a veggie burger & fries Fiddler's Green served fresh & creative vegetarian food that rivals even some of the best Milwaukee veggie menu options:)

We tried almost everything because our build-your-own panini's were sooo good! They were grilled perfectly with spinach, roasted red pepper and hummus and came with a fresh mango salsa as a side. We also had the baked beans & soda bread that were also fabulous along with a roasted garlic clove as a spread for the freshly baked bread. Plus we split a soup of the day that was the BEST roasted pepper tomato bisque I've ever had, all the food was awesome and then to spoil us even more they offer a dark chocolate fondue with fresh fruit which was a really nice surprise!

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