Katashe's Vegetarian Food for Health

Bronx, New York City
1312 E. Gun Hill Rd.
Bronx, NY


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Vegetarian Caribbean food and grocer

Restaurant, General Store

Katashe's is a vegetarian Caribbean restaurant featuring hot items like curried tofu, veggie beef, callaloo (similar to collards), fried plantains, rice and beans, and more. Combo plates, featuring whatever items they have that day, range from $7 to $11, depending on how large you want the plate.

Katashe's also features a small grocery store that offers mostly shelf-stable items (plantain chips, teas, vitamins, canned goods), but they also have a small cooler that contains mostly health/detox teas.

While there is no proper dining area, there are a couple chairs inside the store, that you are welcome to sit on while you eat.

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I stumbled upon Katashe's while in the area for work and was pleasantly surprised. This area of the Bronx (like many areas of the Bronx) has very few vegan options (aside from potato chips or fresh fruit, which can also be hard to come by), so I was really happy to find it and have been back several times. The food here was very similar to the food you'll find at other Caribbean veg restaurants (like Uptown Juice Bar or Veggie Castle II), which I find to be very good, but generally overcooked and a little heavy on the fake meats.

My first time here, I got the $9 combo plate, which had rice and beans, chickpeas, callaloo, fried plantains, veggie beef, and curried tofu. It was a pretty good sized plate for $9 and I left full. Overall, my food was flavorful, although the curried tofu could have used more spice, and I loved the callaloo (the vegetable, not the dish), which I have never had. It was similar to collards but had a distinct flavor and provided some balance to an otherwise all fake meat and starch plate. On subsequent visits, of tried several other soy meats and veggies (all good), but my favorite item was the stuffed pepper. I couldn't decide between the jerk seitan and curry tofu so they gave me both. Note: this is NOT an item to be eaten while driving. :)

The service was excellent and the man serving (the owner, perhaps) was very friendly. He had another guy there get me a cafeteria-style tray and take a chair outside for me so I could sit and eat my food. I must have been sort of a spectacle sitting outside eating on my own because nearly everyone passing by stopped to say hi, comment on how good my food looked, or just make conversation. I was really impressed with how friendly and eager to make conversation people at/around this restaurant were, which isn't the case at most restaurants in New York. Perhaps this place has a following I'm unaware of or this neighborhood is particularly friendly so people engage in conversations with strangers more-so than in other areas.

This place takes health very seriously and they have some crazy expensive water filtration device which they told me cost about $4,000. The man helping me showed me the bucket where the impurities come out and he took my Klean Kanteen to refill it with their "good" water. Apparently this water is alkaline (versus acidic, like many foods we eat) and has more oxygen in it so they use only this water for cooking.

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Gun Hill Rd. stop on the 5


No Reservations


$ - inexpensive


  • Caribbean


main image for Katashe's Vegetarian Food for Health rice and beans, chickpeas, callaloo, veggie beef, curried tofu, and fried plantains ($9 plate) stuffed pepper with vegan jerk seitan


9am - 9pm
9am - 9pm

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