Magpie's Gourmet Pizza - 4th Ave and 5th Street

Tucson, Arizona


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I had a no-cheese pizza with red peppers, mushrooms, and garlic (if I recall correctly). It was good but didn't overly impress me. My companion, a pizza connoisseur, was impressed however, and maybe his opinion is more valuable than mine.

I was told the whole-wheat crust was vegan, but made with refined sugar, so if that bothers you this probably isn't going to be your regular pizza joint.

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I recently enjoyed the Lite R Veggie Magpie Pizza. I found the taste and texture to be wonderful. Very filling and satisfying. I've shared my new discovery with coworkers and have been asked the fiber, caloric and fat value of the whole wheat crust and the white sauce.

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Very good pizza, but I wish their soy cheese was vegan. But their no-cheese pizzas are very nice. And I appreciate that I can get a discount, rather than paying for a layer of cheese that isn't on the pizza (as you have to do at many other pizza joints).

They have an extensive selection of vegetarian toppings, so you're not limited to the standard options.

They also offer a variety of good beers.

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