Kate's Pizza Amore

La Crosse, Wisconsin

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Pizza joint with cheeseless pizzas and some veggie sandwiches

From their website: "Enjoy our great selection of gourmet pizzas, sandwiches, and classic Italian Entrées in the heart of historic downtown La Crosse."

Formerly offered vegan cheese, but does not anymore.

Added by Mysterie on May 17 10 (last updated Oct 14 11)

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It seems they no longer carry vegan cheese for their pizzas. They do have several vegetarian meals and pizza options. I opted for the Very Veggie salad without feta and it was quite tasty and a good portion size. The waitstaff was a little rude, but it was an overall good dining experience.

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It is always exciting to have another vegan friendly place in this city. Pizza Amore offers vegan pizza (with soy cheese). There is a specific vegan pizza you can order or you can request vegan cheese and choose your own toppings.

I would rate this new place as great or even excellent except for the experiences I had there.

The first time the waitress was unsure and uncomfortable about the vegan option and it took a lot to make sure we were ordering for sure a vegan pizza.

The second time the waitress (a different one) was great and the pizza was good.

The third time we ordered and then after waiting 10 minutes I was told there was no vegan cheese, even though they had put in the orders for my family's pizzas. I was put in a position where I had to have a pizza without cheese, which is actually a fine thing, but since I have an allergy to tomatoes, this means I had pizza bread with veggies on top. No seasoning was added to it. I couldn't eat it. Without seasoning and so little veggies on the bread too! They really skimped! I approached the waitress when I saw the bill that was charging me 14$ for a vegan pizza that had no sauce and no vegan cheese. She didn't know what to do and asked the bartender/manager.

The manager went out of her way to be unfriendly and rude to me. She told me coldly and from a distance, that she would take one dollar off my pizza's cost. She had no sense of hospitality, kindness or understanding. She did not even smile. My husband saw how she was behaving and took a few of the easter chocolates she had at the bar, a few more than was warranted. She acted like he had set the place on fire.

I was incredibly disrespected there and cheated. As much as I like a place to offer vegan, I am not going to go there if I am treated so unkindly.

btw, the waitress was great and I tipped her 20% as I always do.

I wanted to let the owner know what had happened and to thank her for offering vegan in the first place.

I want to support her effort and show my gratitude. I spent a 2 weeks trying to talk with her, leaving messages and calling back. She showed no interest in getting back to me or in what I had to say.

I am really disappointed and would rather support The Root Note, a place that is going out of their way to receive feedback and offer more vegan options and has the best pizza in town..... though they do not offer vegan cheese yet.

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