Tea House Restaurant

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Unfortunately, items labeled vegetarian are not. Supposedly, you can ask to have them altered, but I found out from the manager that I was mislead the first couple times. She was nice about their mistake while our waiter gave us dirty looks. I wouldn't risk it again. There are so many trustworthy and delicious restaurants around.

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Pretty good, though most of the vegetarian items are on the Americanized menu, which means you have to hunt a bit for more interesting items.

I'd still recommend going to Evergreen, which is more authentic (if you order the right things) and has many more vegetarian options.

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I just went here for the first time over the weekend and it was really good. I asked them to make the "double fried noodles with chicken" with tofu instead and they had no problem with that. Someone I was with ordered a vegetarian soup which they did even though it wasn't specifically on the menu. The potato stick things and the green vegetable were also great.

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