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This place is *amazing*. I thought I didn't like Thai food until I ate here, honestly.

Their fresh spring rolls are the tastiest I've ever had. The veggies and noodles are crisp and good quality, the rice paper roll is not gummy or too sticky. The dipping sauce is absolutely fantastic!

The cashew snack appetizer is also fanfreakingtastic - the crisp kaffir lime leaves and fragrant spices are a nice addition to fat, warm cashews.

My favorite meal is the cashew stir fry. You can add extra veggies to any meal for a small fee and I highly recommend doing so! I get the cashew stir fry, extra veg with light or no oil and it's so flavorful, healthy and tasty. Truly wonderful, fresh tasting food.

My SO enjoys their yellow curry, made vegan with tofu. They are so vegan friendly here that there is even a "vegan" button on the cash register. If you want something vegan, just ask! It seems the only thing I've bumped into thus far that cannot be made vegan is the Thai tea, it is pre-blended with milk.

The staff know what vegan means, know the menu and are very friendly. The space is beautiful and comfortable to eat in. Highly recommended!

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