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This Loving Hut is in a shopping mall food court and, as such, has a different model than other Loving Huts. At this one, the food is already prepared and sitting out in a buffet line, behind glass (much like a Panda Express). You can pick two dishes and get a combo deal for about $8.

Most of the dishes are simple stir-frys and didn't seem to feature any mockmeats, which was surprising (though tofu is in abundance).

You can also get some sandwiches/burgers, and desserts.

I had a slice of the pumpkin cheesecake ($4 with tax) and was favorably impressed. It was smooth, subtle and had just the perfect amount of pumpkin flavor (too much can get overwhelming, in my opinion).

While I'm not impressed with Loving Huts in general, I'm glad that this one is around to mainstream the concept of vegan food. After all, a shopping mall food court is about as mainstream as it gets.

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