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eco-friendly vegetarian fast food

Otarian is a vegetarian, European fast-food chain that highlights carbon, rather than calorie, count. Menu items, which include veggie burgers, tacos, Asian stir-fries, Indian curries, salads, soups, and sides, list how much energy is saved by consuming that dish versus a more meat-heavy version. Entrees are around $7-9 and sides are around $4. The menu clearly indicates which items are vegan and which can easily be made vegan (usually by leaving off the cheese).

In line with their environmental theme, Otarian uses biodegradable utensils and its employees are only allowed to give 1 napkin to each customers.

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As happy as I am to have another vegan-friendly restaurant in Manhattan, I can't say that I was particularly thrilled with this place. Otarian has a few decent vegan options (veggie burger, curry, Indian rice dish), but a lot of the "vegan-friendly" options like tacos, leave off cheese and/or sour cream without replacing it with a non-dairy alternative, which would be easy to do. They did, however, have one vegan dessert (chocolate cake, I think), which was really cool.

Also, I think the prices are expensive for what you get. My veggie burger was about $8, and while it was good, it wasn't particularly filling and it came with no sides. It was also served wrapped in paper, and not on a glass plate, garnished with fresh veggies, so I'm not sure why they're charging so much. I felt the same way about the spicy noodle curry. It was good but not great, and the portion was too small to charge $8. One of the employees was telling us about their combo meals (no substitutions, meaning only one is vegan), and with the entree, soup, and dessert, the price came to $18 or $19. GET OUT OF HERE!!!!! Who in their right mind would pay $18 for a mediocre fast food meal?

Finally, while I appreciate their effort to go green, I'd love to see them adopt some basic ideas, such as, serving NYC tap water instead of bottled water or turning down the blaring, fluorescent light bulbs. Also, is it really necessary to wrap each already plastic-wrapped entree with a cardboard strip that explains how "green" the restaurant is?

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Greenwich Village


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