Petunia's Pies & Pastries

Portland, Oregon


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Update: I've tried a few more things, including the salted caramel hazelnut brownie, and they were all amazing.

Wow! I'm so impressed. I saw Petunia's stand at the Farmers Market in Portland yesterday and it seemed the everything they had was vegan. I bought a chocolate chip cheesecake and a caramel chocolate coconut cream pie. Both were amazing! The cheesecake had great texture, an excellent crust, and super yummy taste. The caramel in the pie was delicious and very unexpected in a chocolate pie (in a good way). The pie itself was creamy and rich, and chocolaty. The crust was again unexpectedly interesting: it had big crunchy nuts in it and tasted really good. Both slices were pricey, but they were worth it. I'm definitely going back.

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