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This place currently says "Vegetarian and BBQ" on the awning - is it a new restaurant entirely? I was there during lunch hour and there was no buffet table. There were carcasses hanging in plain view and the spring rolls and bahn mi sandwich I had were mediocre. I won't be going back.

My review when it was Bubble Delite:

We tried this place on a whim and were really impressed. There is a special Vegetarian section of the menu, with four options, all of which are vegan. Spring rolls with tofu and mock duck ($3), Sandwich with tofu, mock duck, assorted vegetables, seaweed, cilantro, and jalapenos ($3) and larger than at Jasmine Deli, broken rice plate with tofu and mock duck ($6.50), and rice noodle salad with tofu, mock duck, and vegetables with seaweed.

The portions are pretty large, the taste is unique - not like other Vietnamese places in town. I think it's the marinade/seaweed thing. I don't like seaweed generally, but this was subtle and I liked it fine.

We tried a mango smoothie, with tapioca pearls. It was *excellent* - they use fresh fruit in a lot of their smoothies and you can tell.

The service was great - the guy working there was super friendly and knew what was in everything. He was really interested in what we thought of the food - saying that Americans really seem to be into the vegetarian food. He said he would like to expand the vegetarian menu and look into to trying more mock meats. Really friendly guy and interested in pleasing vegetarian customers.

We will definitely be going back!

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A group of us tried to go to Kien Giang tonight to try out its famed vegetarian buffet. Reservations for a group of 20+ were made a week in advance.

Today, their phone was disconnected when the organizer tried to confirm her reservation, and the first to arrive saw that the place was closed due to "remodeling". Even worse, when she had posted a sign up indicating that the last-minute alternate location (at Peninsula), they took her sign down, so only four people out of twenty (or more) were able to enjoy a meal out that evening. Were they deliberately trying to ruin our evening as well as hurt their competitors unfairly?

I don't care how cheap, profuse or how delicious their food line is. This is shameful behavior and no way to run a business, and this is a disservice to the small (but vocal!) vegetarian community. I would urge caution when dealing with these childish people. Fortunately for the Twin Cities, many other vegetarian options are available.

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The buffet is a fantastic deal. I've been twice and both times it's been the same things, but they're good. Everything on the buffet is vegan except for cream cheese wontons.

I really appreciate that they use good rice on the buffet, jasmine rice in this case. At $4.99 per person it's ridiculously cheap. On my most recent visit the owner mentioned that the buffet would include soup in the future, which will make my wife happy.

This is my old review, pre buffet:

I just ate here for lunch and the food is cheap and tasty, and the service is good. The veg selections are slim at present, but the owner has said that he's interested in expanding the veg section of the menu.

The spring rolls were especially good. They have a combination of noodles, bean sprouts, lightly pickled carrot and mushroom, and tofu & mock duck cooked with black pepper.

The mango smoothie I had was also good, though a bit on the sweet side for my tastes. It's just flavor and ice, so it's vegan.

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Unfortunately when I went there this weekend the buffet was unavailable, and I believe it is only available during the week. Nevertheless, I ordered some of their entrees with friends and they were all quite delicious and filling, especially the lemon grass and mock duck dish. The owner was very nice and said that they will probably have the buffet open on weekends as demand picks up. He said he is also in the process of converting the restaurant to be entirely vegetarian.

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Bubble Delite/Kien Giang has just started a completely vegetarian buffet. It is not the widest selection. with about 8+ options. But, right now it is only 4.99, which makes it delicious and economical. It is really nice to walk up to a buffet and know everything there is meat free. They want to make the buffet larger if it has a good response.

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