Cyber Dogs

Seattle, Washington


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This place is very nice. The veggie dogs are very tasty, and there is a lot of variety to choose from. They also have some random vegan goodies like Alternative Baking Company cookies, which are great.

The staff is very friendly, as well.

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I also loved this place. It's in a strange corporate location for such a funky little place but it's well worth the effort to get there. When I entered Cyber Dogs the owner was singing the Beatles and dancing, which I ended up joining in on. Because the place is so small there is constant banter between the customers and the owner which made for a fun and comfortable environment.

I had the chili dog and a hot chocolate, two things that I miss and am too lazy to make for myself. The chili dog was a meal unto itself with a generous amount of chili on top. I had to eat it with a knife and fork.

I would highly recommend this place. I only wish that I had had more time to try some of the more exotic sounding items on the menu!

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I had a blast at Cyber Dogs. It was great to find a completely vegetarian place in Downtown. My husband loved his chili dog. I got mine with freshly-made hummus. I wanted to try the vegan cheese, but it was made with cashews, to which I am allergic. Sadly, the veggie bacon was not vegan. Oh, well.

We had large hot dogs, overflowing with toppings, on 7-grain buns, while The Rocky Horror Picture Show played on a television (volume was turned off). We also had a very tasty little vegan cookie, and our hot dogs came with individual-sized Laffy Taffy.

The owner was really nice and we ended up chatting with her for a while. She's a great lady!

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