Sacred Chow

Manhattan, New York City


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Avoid the olive seitan unless you enjoy mushy, flavorless, seitan. However, the tempeh reuben is another story. If made right, it will blow your mind. Get your bread extra toasted and a little extra russian dressing. The vegetable root latkes are also delish! The date butter something something that comes with the latkes can be eaten by the spoonful. Their salads are good, and their dressings are near perfection. They adhere to the slow food movement, so don't come here in a rush. Dining out should be a social experience. They give you time to enjoy.

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The food here was delicious when I went. It's been awhile, so I don't remember everything that I got, but the Brownie Sundae was pretty excellent (read: very excellent).

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I had a wonderful brunch here on a Saturday. It wasn't crowded at all and the quaint atmosphere made for a relaxing environment in which to eat and chat with friends.

I was impressed with my seitan Philly cheesesteak ($9) which did a great job replicating an old standard. The bread was soft, the portion size was just right, and the "cheese" had a good kick to it, not tasting plasticky in any way. I had a side of tofu scramble with it (~$5) which was definitely tasty, and one of the better I've had in a restaurant, but it could have used some more color and vegetables---bell peppers and broccoli, perhaps?

One of my friends enjoyed his three tapas selections which provided an unusual array of flavors and textures for only $15; my other friend seemed to enjoy her tofu breakfast sandwich (~$8), though the kale/collard greens came in an excessively large portion.

I was blown away by the smoothness of my hot chocolate with hazelnut liquer ($3), which was sweet, but not overly so, and perfectly blended with the hazelnut. At the same time, I couldn't taste the alcohol at all.

Finally, our dark chocolate truffle cake (~$6) was positively decadent---it was rich in cocoa flavor, moist and impressed all of us. Sacred Chow is definitely a winner and one of the better vegan restaurants in NYC.

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I absolutely love this place. Their tapas are incredibly unique and delicious, as is everything else on the menu. Their daily tapas specials are always the best, especially the hummus.

They have lunch bowls for only $6 that feature either rice or noodles, plus a mock meat and veggies. Their weekend brunch is really good but is very pricey. Their scones (especially blueberry) are out of this world.

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This is also the place responsible for the "Sacred Chow" cookies you see in natural food stores.

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