Udupi Palace

Seattle, Washington


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We went here for dosais. Was sorely disappointed. The batter must have been old, since the dosai tasted tough and a little sour. Prices were fair, but the place felt sticky and service was slow.

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This restaurant is amazing. It is very authentic, and it is wonderful to try South Indian food when Indian restaurants overwhelmingly serve North Indian cuisine.

South Indian cuisine is different, and equally amazing, if not more so. This restaurant rocks. Good atmosphere and great dosas!

They serve a party dosa which is 6 feet long and you need a party of 6 or more to order.

rating star

Went here for the lunch buffet. I was nervous at first, since Indian cooking often uses dairy, posing difficulties for eating at a buffet. (I hate having to ask about the contents of every dish.) But the staff was very helpful, and it turned out that most things available were vegan.

I'm not terribly familiar with Indian cuisine, so I can't report on exactly what I ate--I can't remember the names. But I can say that it was darn tasty.

The buffet was $8. Not a bad deal.

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