Burrito Loco

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I really like Burrito Loco, particularly for their salsas. It's made fresh everyday and there isn't a lot of oil like in Chipotle's salsas. I think the food is really tasty and they have some of the hottest salsa. I always get hot and Loco and jalapenos on my burrito bowls.

I have been going to Chipotle lately though because Burrito Loco charges extra for more than two salsas, even though I don't eat cheese, sour cream, meat, or the rice. Chipotle doesn't charge extra for more salsas.

Both the black beans and pinto beans are vegan, which is nice.

However, the rice is *NOT* vegan! They use butter in the rice to make the seasoning stick to it, which is a bummer.
The guacamole, peppers and onions, salsas, loco sauce, cilantro, and jalapenos are vegan.

The buffalo sauce is vegetarian (butter again). I'm not sure about rennet in the cheese or gelatin in the sour cream.

rating star

Prefer Burrito Loco to Chipotle. Large portions and free chips & salsa makes this a winner.

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