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How did I live in the San Gabriel Valley for five years and not know about this place? In 2009, a vegetarian co-worker recommended this place and I have been going on a regular basis ever since...especially for the lunch specials. As you might know, being a vegetarian can get expensive, but this place has a full meal for $5.95 (soup and beverage included and it comes with free refills). I mean, the beverage is how they get ya at other places, but not here.

Not only is the food fusion, but the decor is as well. Olympian Greek waterfalls mixed with tropical Nipa and Tiki hut mixed with coffee house mixed with subtle vegetarian activism sounds like it wouldn't work but it definitely does, so you have to visit this place.

Note: If you ever eat with me at a vegetarian restaurant, please know that I'm inclined to ask "can I have a bite to try?" and you have a right to say 'no'.
However, it's with this method that I've tried almost everything on the menu, so I won't go over every detail of every menu item, but my favorites are:

The BBQ Drumsticks with a sugar cane 'bone' are amazing, seriously no joke, amazing.
Crispy Golden Rolls - my favorite food in the world is my Dad's vegetarian lumpia, so you know if I like this, it's gotta be good. One of my downfalls as a vegetarian is deep fried food.
Yellow Curry is my go to on the lunch special menu. Not too spicy, not too overcooked, just right!
Make sure you try the Thai Banana Rolls for dessert where tropical bananas meets deep fried meets chocolate. Fusion at its finest.

This place is a little confusing about its name as it's called One World on some sites and even on one of the signs and on the hard copy menu, but it's called One Veg World on the website and the take out menus and on another sign, as if they were making a transition and lost momentum. Fortunately, they're not in competition with either name in the area, so it's not too confusing. This gem is tucked away from site by the Edward's Theater, so you may need to drive around a bit to find it, but it's definitely worth it and it's right by the West Covina Mall, so there's stuff to do before and after.

Veg Out,

Veggie Army

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I can't say that I've gone to a lot of vegan restaurants but I can say that I've gone to a lot of fancy and great eateries. This, my friends has got to be one of my favorites! The people are nice the service is great (not sure if I like it next door to a liquor store) and most importantly the food has lots of flavor and the price is right. I have gone back with family several times and will continue to go back as long as the food stays great. I recommend “One World Vegetarian Cuisine” very highly. Hope you like it as much as I did.

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I love, love, LOVE this place. It is one of the restaurants I go to most often, even if it is a bit off the beaten path. The rotisserie "chicken" and "steak" royale are amazing. They've also added an excellent vegan chocolate cake. The decor is nice, the service is friendly, and there are few items on the menu that I don't like.

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I go to the restaurant at least a couple of times per week. The food is so tasty! It's right down the street from my office and I jaunt down there and they always know exactly what I want.

Nice decor, nice people, GREAT food!

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