Sanaa's 8th Street Gourmet

Sioux Falls, South Dakota


rating star

My family's favorite place to eat in town. If you are there for lunch M-F you order off the menu which has plenty of vegetarian or vegan options. Sanaa also is very knowledgeable and aware of other diet restrictions. On Friday night and Saturday lunch there is an amazing buffet. There is usually one meat dish and then all of the other options are vegetarian or vegan. They are always well marked. SOOOOO good!

Sanaa also shares recipes on twitter, facebook, youtube and her blog. Check her out!

rating star

Probably my favorite restaurant in Sioux Falls. Fresh and delicious! The Saturday lunch buffet is the best option. For the most part, if it's veg-friendly, it means it's vegan. Sanaa told me that she makes so many vegan dishes because then everyone can eat it.

rating star

No problem finding vegetarian options here.

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