Thai of Athens

Athens, Georgia


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The food is good and the prices are not bad at all. I get kinda annoyed with the restaurant people because they hang around a little too close to make you feel comfortable enjoying your meal. Once I was there about an hour before they close between lunch and dinner and they did not let us completely finish our meal before being pushy about us leaving even though they had a while before they were to actually close.

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The only place where I have ever seen the unique vegetable protein substances--Suegai and Sueyu--apparently made by sea lions in california and flown over the continent for the enjoyment of vegans in Athens GA. Sueyu is seaweedy tasting and I don't like it personally, but some do. I recommend Green Curry Tofu, or General Tao's Suegai. The people who run the place are very nice and currate a gallery of drawn-upon napkins for your enjoyment, these ought to be appreciated by glancing up throughout your meal.

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