Maoz Vegetarian Restaurant

Manhattan, New York City


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Fantastic fries, good falafel, fresh veggies, open late! This is about as good as fast food can get for us vegans!

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There isn't much of a difference in the food selection and quality between all the Maoz restaurants (although I found a sauce/dressing at a location in Philly that I'd never seen in any NYC location), but the main difference is in the store layout. The West Village location has tables that seat about 12 people, the Union Square location has a very small window table with two or three stools, and this location has a very small window table with no chairs (the table is higher so you can stand and eat).

I had my usual falafel sandwich, which was decent, but I think that I messed it up by adding too much cilantro salsa, which totally threw off the flavor. I was happy to see that there was a ton of roasted broccoli and cauliflower, which are by far, my favorite toppings. I was also really glad to see that there was a printed "not vegan" sign above the coleslaw, which is something I haven't seen at any other location. I also had the Belgian fries, which were outstanding. The fries were $3.50 and the portion was so huge that I could only eat half. I met up w/ a friend afterward that was more than happy to finish off my fries. They were so good that I was just eating them plain, whereas I usually only eat fries with ketchup.

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