Cake Eater Bakery and Cafe

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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First time visitor and wow, was I impressed. I had heard mixed reviews, so I didn't have the highest of expectations. They had a few vegan items, and I opted for the Maple Pecan Brownie. Hands down one of the (*if not _the_*) best brownies ever.

I would like to stop back again and try a bagel with tofu spread!

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NEWEST REVIEW: I'm changing my mind about this place again. Perhaps third time's a charm and I shouldn't have judged too quickly. I had a vegan snickerdoodle today along with a vegan gluten free chai cupcake and they were both divine! The snickerdoodle was crisp along the edges and chewy in the center. It also had just the right tang to it, if you get my drift. It's honestly the best vegan snickerdoodle I've had. Ever. My chai cupcake was beautifully crafted, moist and spicy-just how I imagine a chai cupcake to look and taste. I think I'm going to wait before I judge these guys too harshly again. The guy behind the counter this time was a lot more friendly and talkative, not that I expect him to be jumping off the walls, but when I see things labeled "vegan", I tend to do just that. IT's not about matching my excitement, just showing a little enthusiasm-maybe talking the guests up a little bit. Also, it was close to closing time and both of the items I had tasted fresh still. They are obviously doing a great job and I will definitely come back! I do not mind paying a little more for cupcakes that look and taste like a dream.

OLDER REVIEW: i've been here a handful of times since the first review and things have changed. the cupcakes have started to taste old. also, every person behind the counter at this place has an icky attitude. they are not friendly at all and when i try to ask questions, they reply with their nose in the air. i don't think i'll be coming here anymore and i'm going to notify others of my continued bad experiences there-this really turned me off and the wedge has kickass (bigger) vegan cupcakes/cookies/treats anyway.

OLDEST REVIEW: my boyfriend and i bought one of each vegan treat that they had available tonight. we bought a vegan chocolate cream cheese cupcake, vanilla bean scone, double chocolate chip cookie, faustess cupcake and a vanilla orange cupcake, all for $13.
the chocolate cream cheese cupcake was pretty good, but i like my cream cheesey treats to be really cream cheesey! this one lacked the cream cheesey-ness i was craving. it was still very good though!
the vanilla bean scone was also very good. subtly sweet and just a hint of warm vanilla. it was slightly burnt on one side but all in all was very good!
the double chocolate chip cookie melted in my mouth. so tasty...
the faustess cupcake was probably the best thing! so decorative and the creme filling was exceptional.
the vanilla orange cupcake (and i quote my boyfriend) was fricking amazing.

i'm very excited to find out about this place! i'll be going a lot to satisfy my sweet tooth. the prices are not half bad either.

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I'm excited that there is a place making vegan cupcakes! I have been multiple times and have to report that the quality varies according to cupcakes/times. The champagne grapefruit cupcake with lemon frosting was phenomenal- right flavor and texture. The faux-stess cupcake- not all that great. One day I went and they had 5 different flavors of vegan cupcakes- impressive. Now they just have to work on making them all tasty as well as pretty.

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I went to Cake Eater a little while back and got several different items, a couple fauxstess cupcakes, a chocolate "cream cheese" cupcake, and a curry peanut scone.

The first thing I tried was the fauxstess cupcake, and it was absolutely horrible. Literally, this was probably the worst pasty I've ever tasted. Something must have gone horribly wrong when baking it. It was completely lacking sweetness, and it was bone dry. I think they may have screwed up the recipe and maybe halved the sugar and oil, or something like that. Basically, it was an inedible rock of nasty.

However, the other items I got were really quite good. The scone was dry and crumbly on the outside, but still moist at the center, and the curry peanut flavor worked really well.

I was very wary about trying the other cupcake, but when I finally did, a couple days after purchase, it was actually pretty good. It was moist, appropriately sweet, and very tasty.

So I'm not sure what's going on here. I just can't see how they could possibly sell anything as bad the fauxstess was that day, but it's obvious that they're capable of making excellent baked goods. I'll probably go back at least once more and give them another chance. Hopefully, the fauxstess was just a one-off baking fluke.

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UPDATE: I've never seen a place peak, and begin to decay, so rapidly. I came to Cake Eater probably four days in a row right after they opened in April 2010. I was amazed by every single cupcake of theirs that I tried.

But after three visits in late April and early May, I noticed a sudden and dramatic decrease in quality. For one thing, the cupcakes became dry, the frosting was overly sweet, and the flavors didn't stand out. This happened three times in a row. A few other vegans I know were also disappointed by the cupcakes here, and one of them said his faux hostess cupcake was "vile."

The non-cupcake baked goods are consistently mediocre, at best. Their gluten-free vegan chocolate chip cookie is a crispy, unsatisfying piece of slate, with almost burnt edges. The muffins were also overly browned, dry and looked amateurish.

I came back again on May 8th and the cupcakes this time around were decent, but still not as good as they used to be. The strawberry shortcake cupcake had great taste and interior texture, but was almost chewy on the top and outside. The chocolate cream cheese cupcake had good texture, but the cream cheese didn't taste like anything other than a whipped topping.

What went wrong, Cake Eater? I suspect you're making too many flavors for your own good and need to start focusing (offer only four or five flavors daily, not more than that). Also, figure out what you're doing wrong with your muffins, which look nearly burnt and are mealy and dry. Better yet, drop the muffins, scones, cookies and bars. Concentrate your energies. You don't do a good job with non-cupcakes, anyway.

Also, speed up your service at the counter. Each transaction seems to take many minutes, especially if someone orders an espresso-type drink. One person should be in charge of making drinks, while another should handle the money and take orders. Let the line move and, when a drink's ready, the person who ordered it can pick it up at the counter.

Original review: Holy mother Mary, this place is awesome. It easily takes the prize for having the best vegan baked goods in the Twin Cities. The first time I stopped by I had a vegan key lime cupcake ($3) and a cup of loose-leaf tea (~$2). The cupcake was sublime: soft and moist on the inside with just a faint hint of crispiness on the outside. Now that was perfection in baking. The frosting was also wonderfully subdued and not too sugary or buttery.

I was so impressed that I went back the next day and had a vegan gluten-free strawberry cupcake ($3) and a day-old vegan lemon-blueberry muffin ($1). The cupcake was once again superb and this struck me as even more remarkable, because on top of being vegan, it was also gluten-free this time around. Texture issues and consistency can be a problem with gluten-free flours, but Cake Eater has somehow managed to make them non-issues; I was hard-pressed to spot any difference. And it's also vegan, for chrissake! Not to gloat, but gluten-free bakeries like Cooqi couldn't even come close to making something like this.

The lemon-blueberry muffin was also tasty, despite being a day old. It could have been spongier, but maybe it had gone dry since it was over the hill already. That said, it was a great value at only $1.

Cake Eater offers a variety of other vegan options daily. They seem to have two vegan cupcakes (one of which will be gluten-free as well), one or two vegan muffins, some kind of vegan scone, and probably one other random vegan offering (like a raspberry chocolate bar).

My only gripes: seating is limited and kind of cramped up front; and they have an overly-small selection of loose-leaf teas. Kudos to them for having loose-leaf options, but they'd need to add at least another four or five teas to be respectable (one or two more black teas, one or two oolongs, and maybe another green).

On a whole, though, this Cake Eater is a massive net positive for Minneapolis and I can't wait to try more of their inventive, delicious offerings.

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i love love love love cake eater! i have finally found an establishment that can edge out my love for the wedges vegan cupcakes! i have been there 3 times since its opening and used to purchase cupcakes from the triple rock-used to be miel y leche.
i find the cupcakes delightfully airy, not too sweet, and not too moist- like birthday cake from my childhood. *swoon* sometimes the icing can be a tad too sweet for my personal tastes, but its such a cute little dollop i tend to just spread it around and eat it all anyways! the vegan elvis is hand down my absolute favorite offering next to the coffee coconut. peanut butter icing covered in salty peanuts, on top of an amazing banana cupcake is what my dreams are made of! i also heard rumors these gals do wedding cakes/cupcakes. amazing.
the only minute downside is their lack of seating, all they need is 2 more picnic tables and it shouldnt be to bad this summer :P

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Kedar summed it up perfectly so theres not much more to say but I want to reiterate how great the frosting was, light and delicious and not so sweet that you cant tolerate more than a bite. A great new gem for that neighborhood!

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