Cake Eater Bakery and Cafe

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Closed as of Jul 10 11

2929 E. 25th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406
(612) 354-7178


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A colorful welcoming cafe/coffee shop in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis

Coffee/Tea/Juice, Grocery/Bakery/Deli, Caterer

Cake Eater features a roster of over 150 cupcake flavors, including a number of vegan and/or gluten-free varieties, as well as muffins, cookies and some savory baked goods. Their coffees and teas are from Chicago's Intelligentsia.

Added by Sharyn Morrow on Apr 5 10 (last updated Jul 10 11)

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First time visitor and wow, was I impressed. I had heard mixed reviews, so I didn't have the highest of expectations. They had a few vegan items, and I opted for the Maple Pecan Brownie. Hands down one of the (*if not _the_*) best brownies ever.

I would like to stop back again and try a bagel with tofu spread!

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NEWEST REVIEW: I'm changing my mind about this place again. Perhaps third time's a charm and I shouldn't have judged too quickly. I had a vegan snickerdoodle today along with a vegan gluten free chai cupcake and they were both divine! The snickerdoodle was crisp along the edges and chewy in the center. It also had just the right tang to it, if you get my drift. It's honestly the best vegan snickerdoodle I've had. Ever. My chai cupcake was beautifully crafted, moist and spicy-just how I imagine a chai cupcake to look and taste. I think I'm going to wait before I judge these guys too harshly again. The guy behind the counter this time was a lot more friendly and talkative, not that I expect him to be jumping off the walls, but when I see things labeled "vegan", I tend to do just that. IT's not about matching my excitement, just showing a little enthusiasm-maybe talking the guests up a little bit. Also, it was close to closing time and both of the items I had tasted fresh still. They are obviously doing a great job and I will definitely come back! I do not mind paying a little more for cupcakes that look and taste like a dream.

OLDER REVIEW: i've been here a handful of times since the first review and things have changed. the cupcakes have started to taste old. also, every person behind the counter at this place has an icky attitude. they are not friendly at all and when i try to ask questions, they reply with their nose in the air. i don't think i'll be coming here anymore and i'm going to notify others of my continued bad experiences there-this really turned me off and the wedge has kickass (bigger) vegan cupcakes/cookies/treats anyway.

OLDEST REVIEW: my boyfriend and i bought one of each vegan treat that they had available tonight. we bought a vegan chocolate cream cheese cupcake, vanilla bean scone, double chocolate chip cookie, faustess cupcake and a vanilla orange cupcake, all for $13.
the chocolate cream cheese cupcake was pretty good, but i like my cream cheesey treats to be really cream cheesey! this one lacked the cream cheesey-ness i was craving. it was still very good though!
the vanilla bean scone was also very good. subtly sweet and just a hint of warm vanilla. it was slightly burnt on one side but all in all was very good!
the double chocolate chip cookie melted in my mouth. so tasty...
the faustess cupcake was probably the best thing! so decorative and the creme filling was exceptional.
the vanilla orange cupcake (and i quote my boyfriend) was fricking amazing.

i'm very excited to find out about this place! i'll be going a lot to satisfy my sweet tooth. the prices are not half bad either.

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raspberry cupcakes

raspberry cupcakes

vegan strawberry shortcake cupcakes vegan peanut butter cookies  grapefruit/cream cheese, 2  elvis, and a blueberry lime. awesome! and all vegan vegan coffee coconut. coffee icing is the bees knees.


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