Cafe Cafe

Lima, Peru


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This place is great for vegetarians (especially by Peruvian standards) but it does not have much for vegans - I wound up eating pasta with marinara sauce. My lacto-ovo vegetarian friend loved the four cheese gnocchi, however, so this restaurant comes highly recommended if you do partake in dairy products.

The main reason to eat here is for the stunning views. The porch protrudes over the edge of a cliff that overlooks the Pacific Ocean, so if possible request to sit outside. Not only does the restaurant have a fabulous view of the beach and the Miraflores country club, but you can also often watch hang gliders and para sailers soar right past the porch on which you are eating!

The fresh fruit juices and cocktails are also quite good at Cafe Cafe. If you're vegan, I'd suggest visiting Cafe Cafe in the afternoon to enjoy a refreshment and the beautiful view.

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