Soul Vegetarian South

Atlanta, Georgia


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This restaurant is great. My husband and I eat here everytime we are in the Atlanta area. My husband loves the Kalebone (a homemade meat substitute that is very chewy--like steak). The "tuna" salad is a yummy appetizer. Their signature Prince salad dressing is to die for...I could literally drink this stuff. I love to get the mac and cheese, steamed broccoli, and candied sweet potatoes. I dream of eating their food! The banana split is very good too. A must try if you are going to be in the Atlanta area!

I was sooooooo excited to find this place, and all the food looked and sounded great. However, it didn't taste that way. I'll still go back next time I'm in town, maybe for the ice cream. The BBQ pork was icky, with a very odd taste to the sauce that didn't coincide well with the taste of the veggie meat. I love the idea though, and the waiter was very hospitable.

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Excellent vegan food. The "chicken" fried steak and "kalbone" meat substitute are delightful. The soy ice cream shakes are also a treat. Brunch is served Sunday mornings. The ice cream / juice bar is closed at that time.

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my favorite things here are kale, macaroni and 'cheese', and homemade "ice kream." sometimes the power goes out and you cannot have an ice kream shake--that can be disheartening, so have lunch on a day when the electricity is going strong.

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