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One of my faveorites on a recent vacation. between the 4 of us in the car we sampled multiple rolls, all of them amazing. My only regret was not getting another one on out last day in the bay area.

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Atmosphere: 2.5
Smallish, not too much sitting space -- but that clearly isn't what this place is setup for (they put the cinnamon rolls in to-go containers, which I thought was somewhat unfortunate). The decor was minimalistic, so that despite the small space it didn't feel super crowded.

Service: 4.0
Two of our three cinnamon rolls came out very quickly, but the last took a little bit longer. The staff were nice and patient while we took forever, trying to decide on all the different combinations. Which brings us to...

Food: 5.0
Woah. I probably ate two thousand calories in the cinnamon roll I ate (I'm exaggerating, but only a little), but it was so worth it. Cinnaholic definitely knows how to do cinnamon rolls. The hazelnut frosting was freaking fantastic, and the rolls were a little crispy on the outside, and fluffy and soft inside. They had a ton of toppings and frosting that you could choose from, mixing and matching the perfect and ideal cinnamon roll for you. Yum.

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insanely good

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I rarely give 5-star reviews (only 5% of my reviews have 5-star ratings), but Cinnaholic is seriously awesome. It's a simple bakery where you can make your own cinnabon with a huge variety of sauces and toppings, or you can just get one of their pre-set styles (the varieties change by the day).

I had a chocolate chip cookie dough cinnabon ($5) and man was it good. Soft, delicious bun, with a sweet (but not sickly sweet) sauce and chunks of cookie dough on top.

It must have been close to 1,000 calories, but how often do you get vegan cinnabons? And this thing was high grade.

My only gripes: the service is kind of slow as they carefully make each cinnabon to-order; there's not much seating (it's designed more for grab-and-go); and their tea offerings are unimpressive (generic bagged varieties, rather than loose-leaf).

I can't wait to go back and try some new toppings (chocolate and hazelnut come to mind).

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Cinnaholic is simply ingenious. Where else can you get a warm, gooey cinnamon roll with your choice of over 30 different toppings and icing flavors (let alone vegan versions of all of these things)? The toppings range from logical "next steps" for the inventive cinnamon roll fan (nuts, marshmallows) to whimsical creations that only a child would come up with (cookie dough chunks, brownie bits, gingerbread cookie crumble,...).

Surprisingly, Cinnaholic isn't a figment of my imagination. The store is conveniently located 2 blocks away from the Downtown Berkeley BART station. Best of all, Cinnaholic has a frequent buyer program - after purchasing 10 of their decadent creations, the 11th is on the house. I tried my hardest to fill up an entire card during a week-long visit to Berkeley, but ultimately didn't have the stamina to eat 11 cinnamon rolls in 7 days (they're pretty filling, especially if cookie dough is one of the toppings).

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