Bircher Benner

Lima, Peru


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This place is incredible! Unlike many "vegetarian" restaurants in Lima, this restaurant is completely vegetarian and has many delicious vegan options. There is a large menu with many choices available, including faux-meat versions of traditional Peruvian dishes and some international favorites (veggie burgers, Italian pasta dishes with faux meat balls, etc.). The restaurant is very large, with a nice view of the Parque Central de Miraflores.

For my dinner, I decided to order a delicious dish that consisted of a stew made from corn, pumpkin, wheat gluten "meat," cilantro and other spices, served with rice, yucca and sweet potatoes. There were many delicious fruit juices available. I decided to try the mint pineapple juice and the chicha morada, which was a traditional Andean drink made from corn. The chicha morada was very sweet and refreshing (and no, it didn't taste at all like corn). My entire meal, including two glasses of fresh juice, cost approximately 30 soles (10 US dollars). A great meal at a reasonable price with extremely attentive service! I highly recommend this place to any vegetarian visiting Lima.

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