Belly Shack

Chicago, Illinois


rating star

I really wish in instances like this, that there were negative stars. I purchased 6 orders , it looked like a decent portion, however, when you open it up there are 4 large pieces of pita bread. I certainly was not aware that "fusion" meant loading an entire box full of bread. I also ordered fries and a sandwich. The food was dangerously cooked\. This really concerned me, I did not eat it. My husband did..... Not smart he was sick, and let's not get too detailed, but it was really gross. The fries were fries, average with seasoning served with a mayo based sauce, which obviously had sat out near heat ( it had that discolored film on it). Another pass for me.

THIS IS WHAT IS SERIOUSLY DISTURBING!!!!! After our visit to the "Shack" (so appropriately named), I never intended to eat there again, but I was not motivated enough to complain. One of my 7 year old twins touched the railing outside of the location. He ended up with mysterious really disgusting goop on his hand. My husband went inside and went directly into the bathroom. My son washed his hands while this woman pried the door open. She started screaming, "Are you stupid!?!? Can't you read!?!?" She continued to rant and scream and scared my kids so much they began to cry. She even left Her restaurant (I use that term loosely), and continued to chase and yell at them. It only stopped when my husband finally told her to leave them alone before we pressed charges.

What kind of perverted monster opens up a bathroom door on a small child and brings them to tears..... THE OWNER of BELLY SHACK, that's who.

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