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I really enjoyed my meal here, partly because the food was good but partly because I really liked the restaurant decor. New York city is famous for delicious vegan food but so few of the vegetarian/vegan restaurants have a classy/fancy enough style to be appropriate for a date or a nice family dinner. Apple is beautifully decorated and they have plenty of vegan options to chose from.

My dining partner and I started with the protein sushi rolls, which were very good, but nothing extraordinary. For my meal, I had the Buddha's Delight, which was "tofu, soy patty, and veggies with cellophane noodles". I had it without the mushrooms and was pleased to find that the soy patties were actually chunks of May Wah veggie chiken (or something that looks/tastes exactly like them). The flavor was good but it was mild so I added hot sauce to it. The woman next to me was looking over my meal (and probably my dining partner's fish steak) and decided on getting the Buddha's Delight, which she then loved. Good choice, my friend!

I was also really excited that they have a lot of good non-alcoholic drinks. I get so annoyed just drinking water at restaurants when soda is the only non-alcoholic beverage. Apple had tons of non-alcoholic fruity drinks and I decided on a guava daiquiri, which was delicious.

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