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Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I used to like this place fairly well, but I feel like it's consistently gone downhill over the years.

Most of the food I've had on my last couple visits has just been bland. It's not terrible, but it's not very good either.

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I love that this restaurant is all-vegetarian with many vegan options, but having visited a few times over the past couple of years I've found it to be just OK. On a recent visit, the chana masala was fine (the leftovers tasted better after sitting in the fridge for a couple of days), the paratha was fine although a little greasy, and the veggie samosas were good.

The low-rent decor doesn't bother me at all, but this place could use some cleaning up sanitation-wise. The restroom is scary dirty, which I hope is no reflection on the conditions in the kitchen.

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I will give Zero(Rating ) to this restaurant, One of the worst experience.
They had served rotten food ,and when complained they said "That our fridge was shutdown for two Days".Request not to go to this restaurant.



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Although it seems like a haul from the core cities, it's worth the drive! Both times we've been to Dosa King were great experiences. The servers were knowledgeable about what was vegan and what wasn't. Every dish we've tried has been excellent, including a couple different dosas, uttapam, chana, samosas, and chili pakoras. As of Summer 2011, I'd say Dosa King is the best Indian restaurant in the Twin Cities.

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It was OK. They have Vegan options, but like most places, you have to beg somebody to tell what they are. Nothing on the menu or buffet admitted to being Vegan. The price of the buffet is also a secret. So we asked about the menu. He pointed to four things. The menu said one of them had Yogurt. We ordered the safest looking thing (Vegetable Curry). Boring. We would have ordered other things if the place was Vegan friendly. The hours are a bit irritating. Check the time before going. They close between lunch and supper. We will not go back unless we hear the menu has been upgraded. Sadly.

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I've only gone to Dosa King a couple of times, but I already know it's going to be a regular. I keep thinking about the great dosa I had - King's Spring Dosa, filled with wonderfully fresh veggies, crisp crepe...delightful! Also love the Gobi Manchurian...crunchy spiced cauliflower, sign me up. Owners are very courteous and accommodating. It might be a haul for us to travel there, but it's so worth it!

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I went there with a few friends and we enjoyed the food. I had the Mysore Masala Dosa, and it had a good texture and it was tasty. The sambhar was ok, and the chutney was great. The prices were reasonable. We also enjoyed the sign that said "Restaurant and Indian Cuisine" and that the manager was enthusiastic about getting an advertisement in Minnesota Public Radio when he found out my friend works there. I expect that I'll go back.

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ugh-who else here was so upset that nala pak closed that they almost shed a tear when the vegetarian closed its greasy-carpet doors too? well, pick up your britches and go to dosa king!
granted, its a decent drive from anywhere, housed in a quaint strip mall in front of some grain elevators, but the staff barely spoke english and i was the only pale complexion in sight :) these are all good signs to me! the interior is mis-matched-diner, and seemed very mom-and-pop. my hubby and i had the gobi manchurain- great texture and spice but a tad salty. the veggie-chili utthapam-nice and spongy with a crispy bottom, and the chickpeas bhatura-the chickpea curry was excellent! so yummy, creamy, and lightly spiced. the bhatura was awesome, but how do you screw up fried bread? all of the food was slightly oily, but not nearly as oiled up as the vegetarians. the prices are fairly moderate; the gobi, as kedar stated, was a whopping 8$ but it was easily enough for 4 people to share as a starter, or 2 as an entree if you added some bread/rice. the prices though, were definitely less that what nala paks were, so i guess they're right in the middle! i also loved that the receipt came with a coupon attached for 15% off of your next meal w/in 15 days. i plan on eating here at least once a month because i can't find anywhere else with a great veg indian selection in my hood, let alone completely veg, AND i do NOT want to witness another indian restaurant on central bite the dust!

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The world of quality Indian restaurants in the Twin Cities is in flux. Nala Pak, further south on Central Avenue, is now closed (the website says temporarily, until they find a new location); as such I'm glad that Dosa King has arrived to fill the void.

Granted, it's out in the middle of nowhere, but at least it's only a 20 minute drive from Minneapolis proper.

We shared a masala dosa ($7.49) which was good, and definitely one of the better dosas I've had in the Twin Cities. For those of you that don't know, dosas are crispy lentil crepes filled with potatoes, onions and spices. It's the quintessential South Indian dish. There aren't many places in the TC that serve it, as it takes some skill and equipment to produce with any quality, so do visit Dosa King for this dish, if nothing else. I think they could have made the dosa crispier, but that's a minor quibble.

Like any good South Indian restaurant, Dosa King also has about ten different variations on the dosa, using different crepe ingredients and fillings. They also have rare dishes such as uppma, pongol and avial, which are extremely difficult to find almost anywhere in the US (even a place like Chicago, with a huge Indian population). Props to Dosa King for taking risks with its offerings.

We next had an aloo gobi masala ($8.99) which is a standard North Indian curry with potatoes and cauliflower. I thought this dish was okay, but not great. It could have used some peas and fresh, diced tomatoes to give it a bit more life.

Their chapati ($2.99) was well-made: soft and warm and it didn't dry-out. Also, they gave us two large individual pieces, which made it easy to share.

While they don't have brown rice, they do have a high grade white rice which was excellently prepared: bone-dry, with no kernels sticking together.

The service was extremely friendly and helpful. Our waiter inferred we were vegan, without our having to say it, when we asked for dishes without ghee/butter/yogurt/cream (commonplace ingredients in North Indian dishes, and not as common in South Indian).

I wanted to try their gobi manchurian appetizer but, at $8, it was way too expensive, and it was also significantly pricier than any other appetizer on the menu (all of which were in the $4-5 range). If Dosa King added some Indo-Chinese dishes, such as veg. manchurian (not just gobi manchurian), I'd be back in a heartbeat.

As it stands, Dosa King is a welcome addition to the Twin Cities. I do wonder, though, why Indian vegetarian restaurants seem to be in a competition to see who could open up in the northernmost location; I mean, Spring Lake Park? Dosa King's biggest problem is that it's far from the large vegan/vegetarian population in the Twin Cities. You can tell it will either be a vehicle for cultural shift in that sprawled-out, bleak area, or it will suffer for not catering to the Harley Davidson dealership customers across the street.

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There are now three vegetarian Indian places on Central, though they're spread out quite a bit. Dosa King is about 10 minutes farther north than Nala Pak, but I think the drive is well worth it. I had the masala dosai, and my girlfriend got the chana bhatura. My masala dosai and sambar were both excellent, much better than any of the other veg indian places on Central. I also tried her bhatura, which was huge, well fried, and very good.

Finding the place is slightly confusing, as the gigantic 20-foot-high sign for the pizza place that used to be in their space is still up (as of late March 2010), they just have a smaller sign hung near ground level.

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We drove up Central Ave. with a coupon for the Dosa King. Very glad we did!

Very friendly, courteous owners/staff.

We tried the five-course dinner for two. Asked if the dishes with dairy could be substituted out for vegan only, absolutely no problem. We were ready to ask about some possible substitutions, out waiter suggested we let the chef choose. Glad we did, all choices were delicious.

Tomato soup - slow-burn spicy (i.e., not over the top) with I think a tamarind spicing. Very flavorful.

Veggie cutlets - breaded and crispy fried. Other places these are smaller, glad these were bigger as they were so good. With two sauces to try, tamarind and mint-onion. Both were great and went superbly.

Veggie stuffed dosa - crispy outside, savory potato, pea, carrot, onion stuffing. Sambar side as a dip, delicious on it's own (understand this can be a soup). Also another dip, think it might have been coconut. Really good.

Three main dishes - one with okra, another a yellow dal, the third veggies with a tomato-wine sauce. All hit the spot perfectly. Rice wasn't just the standard white, lots of good extras in there, too. Flat, fried bread, must have been made fresh.

Dessert too. We were a very satisfied full at the end of our meal. And we had about half the food as left-overs!

Very attentive service, and again, very friendly. Very much a family-run feel.

Superb price for the above - it was fifteen each. Lots more food than other places I've been, and prepared exceptionally, I thought.

Definitely recommend, don't let the drive worry you - it's a great place and very much worth the trip.

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Just opened. All vegetarian food.
Similar menu to other south indian restaurant Nala Pak, but food quality was
better. Sambar was more flavorful, vadas more crispy. Potato filling in masala dosa was more flavorful.
Decor is a little disappointing, seems as if not updated from last pizza restaurant they took over. But if food stays consitently good, then I can overlook that part.
Management very friendly and willing to provide whatever extras are needed to bring people back.
Will definitely be back.

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