Barcelona, Spain


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Organic Restaurant’s policy is to locate and use local ingredients that are only available at particular seasons, which we all applaud. Some of us even rattle our jewellery.

The menu del dia – always a good way of having a three-course meal in Spain without spending three times the amount – costs €10/person and includes soup or a visit to the salad bar for the first course, a main course such as seitan stew with eggplant/aubergine; stuffed potatoes; or rice with vegetables and seaweed. There is also a choice of desserts such as ice cream, baked apple or chocolate cake. Calm yourselves.

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All vegetarian restaurants and almost the entire menu is vegan. They have an English menu. Just tell the waiter you are vegan and they will help you.

The seitan is one of the best you can get in Spain, they have a delicious tapas platter and a delicious paella.

A must in Barcelona!


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