Raphsodic Cooperative Company

Orlando, Florida


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I tried some cupcakes and each and every single one was amazing!
I also had a cookie, which was a bit rigid, but the taste was awesome!
I can really recommend this place!!!!

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I wanted to like this more than I did. Nothing I tried here was really amazing. The brownies were too much like cake. The icing inside the sammie (cooking sandwich) was so ridiculously sweet that neither my wife nor I could finish it. The cinnamon bun had a good flavor but was too dry. The cupcake was okay but the cake part could have had a stronger chocolate flavor. The raw cheesecake was again a bit bland.

Nothing was really *terrible* but at the same point nothing was amazing. Given that it's the only vegan bakery in Orlando I'd probably go back if I was in town and try other things, but I wouldn't have terribly high expectations.

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I was visiting from out of town and arrived with an already full tummy, but everything was so delicious and I made room for a couple cupcakes - one to eat in store and another to eat in a park shortly after. I loved everything we tried, both gluten free and not gluten free. YUM.

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You have to know about this place to find it. There's no sign out front. I didn't even notice the name "Raphsodic" on the window's low-key lettering. It says "bakery" but no mention of it being vegan. Stealth vegan baked goods, I suppose.

The Hostess-looking vegan chocolate cupcake made it worth the trip. Out-of-this-world delicious! They had coffee (iced and hot) but it was nothing to write home about. I was impressed that they had soy and a few other choices of non-dairy milks to use for creamer. That said, I found it terribly disappointing they didn't serve espresso drinks. An iced soy latte would go great with their desserts.

Other than the baked goods, what makes this place so wonderful is the people. It has a warm, welcoming atmosphere. It's the kind of place you would love to go to day after day because just walking in there puts you in a good mood.

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