Hal & Al's

Columbus, Ohio


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Yum, vegan junk food!

I went with a big group, and we tried a lot of stuff, including nachos, batterfried pickles, batter fried avocados, and french fries. See a theme there?

I also had a tofurky brat with sauerkraut and mustard. This was nothing special, but it's a good bar food item. Several folks I was with had the luna burgers and seemed to like them a lot.

All of the food was good, though the nachos would've been much better with Daiya. I talked to the bartender/waiter, and he said that they were actually planning to switch once they used up their existing stock.

I wasn't too thrilled with the fried pickles. It seemed like they just ended up soggy. Maybe they need to use thinner pickle slices? The fried avocado, on the other hand, was great, and so were the fries.

The service was friendly, and the folks I went with seemed to like the beer selection. The prices are also ridiculously cheap, with $1 happy hour specials for a basket of fries, and half price beers!

Even at regular price, the food is pretty cheap, and I imagine two people could easily eat there for under $15.

The interior is a little weird, as it's a building without any windows. It's a very laid back atmosphere, and I appreciated that the music wasn't crazy loud. If I ever come back to Columbus, I'll look forward to returning.

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