Richmond, Virginia


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Unfortunately the "vegan" options AREN'T VEGAN!!!! Not even vegetarian. I'd expect a menu with several options denoted vegan that they would be, we are in Richmond, VA for crying out loud. I ordered the brussel sprout morsels to start and the tandori cauliflower as a small plate (since no main dishes are denoted vegan on the menu). The lovely server brought us the appetizer, and I wasn't sure what it was, she explained that it was the morsels, I asked which of the three were vegan, she said everything but the brussel sprouts since they are deep fried in the same oil the chicken is.... SO happy she told me, what an awesome server. I explained I ordered the morsels since it was denoted vegan, she politely brought me the menu to show me that it is only denoted vegetarian (which by the freakin way STILL NOT VEGETARIAN!!!) and to her surprise she realized it WAS denoted vegan. She asked if she could bring me anything else, I asked what was vegan. She said just the soup was vegan... I asked about the cauliflower... she said it was fried in the same oil.... also denoted vegan. She then corrected herself and said that now she remembers it is vegan... total bummer. Grossed out. Fun fancy place to go for a cocktail, though!

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