Pala Pizza

Manhattan, New York City


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This place is FABULOUS!!!!!! I just had dinner here the other night and have to say it's definitely one of my new favorite vegan-friendly places. Not only do they have vegan food, but they have an entire vegan menu that has way more interesting options than some all-veg places.

My friend and I were hoping to get the vegan potato pizza with Daiya cheese but they were out of it so we got the asparagus and veggie sausage pizza w/ Daiya. It was really good but I don't think that asparagus is my favorite pizza topping. The cheese was fabulous and definitely works better on pizza than does any other vegan cheese. Our pizza was $17, which is not bad considering the quality ingredients they use.

We also had (two orders of ) vegan gnocchi with cherry tomato sauce and it was FANTASTIC. The sauce was very good and the Daiya cheese it comes with makes it that much better. The only thing is that for $13, the portion was REALLY small. It was more of an appetizer than an entree, for sure.

More than anything, I love the ambiance of this restaurant. It's definitely classier and more romantic than most veg-friendly restaurants in the city, complete with candles, dim lighting, and sprigs of herbs and flowers on each table. That said, the tables are oddly long so you are really far from your dining partner (not so romantic), but aside from that, it's great!

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