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Okay, so this is definitely my new favorite restaurant in Brooklyn. They have so many vegan options, the prices are reasonable, and the food is DELICIOUS. My friend and I split the vegan super nachos, which was a huge plate of amazing chips (probably homemade, not just some supermarket-bought chips), fully loaded with soy chorizo, vegan cheese, tofu sour cream, olives, onions, salsa, and more. Not only did they taste amazing, but the plate was huge and it only cost $9. I loved that not only are their nachos REAL nachos (as in, they had vegan cheese, sour cream, and veggie meat, and not just an order of meaty nachos minus the meat, cheese, and sour cream), but they don't charge extra to get vegan cheese/sour cream. Amazing.

Then I had a vegan burrito. I chose to get seitan asada (pan fried, breaded seitan), although tofu, soy chorizo, and I think tempeh were options (as was also the case w/ the nachos. The seitan was unbelivable and frying it really gave it a flavor boost. It came stuffed w/ beans, seitan, vegan cheese and sour cream, guac, and salsa. I'm pretty sure this is the best vegan burrito I've ever had and my meat-eating companion was VERY impressed.

Finally, Papacito's knocked my socks off by having vegan horchata. A lot of places add dairy milk to horchata (which is a sweet rice milk beverage) so I haven't had a vegan horchata in years. It was very tasty and it complimented the meal beautifully.

Papacito's used to be a small little restaurant but they must have taken over the space next door to them because now the interior is twice as big. The service was also pretty good and I would definitely go back.

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