Sunspot Natural Foods

Lafayette, Indiana


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Shopping here is a wonderful experience.

They have books, magazines, vitamins, beauty and personal care supplies, frozen, refrigerated, canned, dry goods, bulk bins, a small produce section and lots more. They have small quantities of most items but an excellent cross-section of items to choose from. Extraordinary variety of vegan items. I found brands here that they don't carry at the Whole Foods near me in Lincoln Park in Chicago. I was impressed. If I lived in Lafayette, I would come here all the time.

It is tucked away at the back of a U-shaped mini mall so it's not super easy to see from the road. The sign for it off of Rt. 52 is microscopic. Also, the name on the building is "Sunspot" not "Sunspot Natural Foods", so if you did not know about this place ahead of time you definitely would not discover it from driving by.

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