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We had the fresh vegetarian spring rolls, Supenn's pasta (with tofu) and Toam Yum soup (with mock duck). The food was delicious as always. My friend ordered the soup at a 5 spicy level and was delighted with the intense heat. Very clean restaurant and good service.

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You have to hunt a bit on the menu to find vegan options, but there are some. I'd say there's about 10 or so options.

The food really is better than it has any business being in St Cloud. I've found the Thai food here actually is better than a lot of fare in Minneapolis (and certainly the best Sawatdee I've been to).

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Few options, only one or two things marked "vegetarian" but you can make substitutions. Confusing, hard to read menu. Service is nice and friendly. Have had weird problems each time, first time the iced tea was spiked with fruit flies, brought me 3 glasses with a fly or two before bringing out the pitcher and then noticing it was full of flies. Another time all the napkins had long hair strands in them wrapped with the silverware. Just had to put up with it because each new one that was brought had the same problem and it was getting ridiculous. (I'm not all that squeamish, but any professional restaurant shouldn't have this problem).

Not as many options as uptown thai chili(the old uptown sawatdee) for vegetarian food. Spicyness level was great, they even took my 3.5 (tounge in cheek) and made it perfect. Food was acceptable, nothing special. Pad Thai is just a noodle dish, no mock duck or tofu. Will try asking for it if I go back.

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By far the best Thai food around! I am in LOVE with the Country Style Curry with tofu. No other Thai restaurant can do tofu like this!

I could eat there every day and NEVER get tired of the delicious food!

I am told they no longer use fish or oyster sauce in the Country Style Curry. Would highly recommend it with tofu. The tofu is awesome at Sawatdee. WARNING: once you've eaten their tofu, you may never go back to your own home cooked version again (at least I couldn't).

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