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Twin Cities, Minnesota


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mmmmm. sugary donuts. More than one might rot your teeth. The raised donuts (not the cake) are what you're after.

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I love these donuts. Especially if you have been vegan for a while, and you have a sweet tooth, and are sick of all the vegan desserts you eat being made with whole weat flour, rapdura, and molasses, you have to try these donuts. Nothing healthy about them. Pure sugar and fat. Delicious. Get a ton and bring them home to share with people you love - unless you happen to be married to 'Let's Eat!' and his review says "shouldn't vegan donuts be good??" or something. In that case, feel free to eat them yourself, because these gems must be appreciated.

So I'm driving "doo-dee-doo-dee-doo" and hark, what do I see? BoSa Donuts! So I stop, wanting to buy some grease for my boy who really enjoys grease.

The man had no freaking idea what I was talking about when I asked for vegan donuts. He's like "oh, you're diabetic?" No, I'm vegan. "What is a vegan?" No eggs, no dairy. "I don't think there is anything here for you."

Damnit. A fluke? Perhaps. But I was one disappointed shopper.

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I just can't get excited about this place. Sure vegan donuts are few and far between, but shouldn't they be good too??

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Joe Vegan recommends: Go every weekend!!

As I understand it, BoSa's raised donuts are vegan-appropriate, but their cake donuts are not. They have five different varieties of raised donut (chocolate glazed, vanilla glazed, maple glazed, glazed, and sugar-covered). All five are good basic donuts (and yes I tried all five at the same time!) The coffee is nothing special, but okay. They have a cooler, but I didn't see any soy milk in it.

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Pure, unaldulterated sugar and grease bombs, just the way Homer likes them! Yummy.

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buy no fewer than two boxes of donuts when you come here, unless you are stopping on your way aboard a bicycle, probably going to como park to ride the carousel, in which case it is safer to buy only one or two donuts, which can be clutched in one paw while the other is free to steer amongst the traffic and carriages. but then, on your way home, get another. maple-raised are my favorite. everyone loves these donuts.

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