Punch Woodfire Pizza

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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The service was conscientious -- they messed up my order and were very apologetic. The ingredients seem very fresh, and they made my pizza amazingly fast. The sauce was a bit salty and the toppings were a bit sparse.

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Awesome, cheap pizza. Great quality ingredients. I've had Punch from this location only by take-out, but the space looks great. Getting no cheese is no problem with Punch. There isn't really a need for more ingredients than the standard margherita (basil and vesuvio tomatoes with olive oil) BUT toss on some olives or one or two other ingredients if you feel like it. The pizzas are cooked FAST: 90 seconds to be exact.

Plus, follow on Facebook, Twitter and get on an email list: they have a ton of deals that offer a free pint of beer, free salad or even a free pizza.

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