Whispers Cafe

Salt Lake City, Utah


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I agree with the person below me; very limited and unsatisfying vegan options when I went in. I had the choice between a slice of chocolate cake and hummus platter that turned out to be bland. I ended up going to the raw foods place down the street.

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Sure, they tout a vegan brunch, but try going on any other day. They have NO VEGETARIAN sandwiches. None whatsoever. Special order one? Can't. Whispers should be removed from the VegGuide, since a vegan brunch one day a week is the extent of their vegetarian cuisine.

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There's a new café in town, and despite being named "Whispers," you're going to like it. The place is charming, with a patio that will be a pleasant place to sip your coffee once it's a little less frigid outside. But let's get right to the real reason to be talking about Whispers: Vegan Brunch every Sunday. (They call it the Tree Hugger Sunday Brunch.)

I've taken this long to do a writeup only because I wanted to try several of the items on the menu, and they're only available on Sundays. Maybe if they see that we really love to buy good vegan food, that will change?

The first thing I ordered here was the Berry Crépes. ($5.75) Yes, they have vegan crépes! Coincidentally, I'd acquired a sudden craving for crépes just two days prior, and started musing on the idea of vegan crépes, unsure they were even possible. Well, not only are they possible, they're far superior to the egg-derived crépes I remember. If you're reading this from your home in Portland or Toronto, start planning your road trip, because these are worthy of a journey. From what I recall, non-vegan crépes taste like egg and sugar. Whispers' crépes taste like hot, doughy wrappers enclosing plenty of vegan cream cheese, topped with berry jam. I devoured all three without pausing for a sip of my drink. It took all my strength not to lick the plate. I don't think a Sunday will go by that these crépes don't cross my mind.

Fortunately for this review, I stopped by on a Monday morning, and though there were no crépes, they did have some remaining Breakfast Casserole from the Sunday Brunch the day before. ($6.50) This picture really doesn't do it justice. There's a dense, sausage-style substance nicely spiced with salt, pepper, and herbs. Then a layer of creamy, almost egg-yolky tofu, topped with pieces of bread. It's somewhere between a Thanksgiving dressing and a tofu scramble. The casserole was served with an equal-sized portion of simple, shredded hash brown potatoes on the side. This tasty and filling casserole is quickly becoming a favorite among vegan brunchers.
I plan to rotate through the brunch menu over the next few weeks, but I have a feeling that the crépes will weasel their way in every other week or so. Here's the entire menu, which includes Potato Garbage Hash, Southwestern Quinoa Burro, and Seitan, Peppers & Onions.

So, get out of bed on a Sunday morning, come over to Whispers at 1420 South 1100 East, and try something delicious. Here's to hoping they'll make vegan food a part of their everyday menu!

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