Flaming Ice Cube

Youngstown, Ohio


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I have only been here once but my experience was unfortunately sub-par. I had really high hopes for this place because of all the wonderful things I've heard about it, but really the only thing I enjoyed was the service. The shop was nice, and the atmosphere was quaint, but I paid almost 8 dollars for a vegetarian wrap that later made me sick. And it was definitely not worth what I paid for it. But the man who waited on me was very friendly and sweet. I might give them another shot someday, but for now I'm still wallowing in disappointment.

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The Flaming Ice Cube has a great selection of vegan food, from juices and starters to salads and sandwiches. Their desserts are do die for! It should be a law that they are required to keep their carrot cake available at all times! The cake is rich and flavorful with layers of dreamy cream "cheese" frosting. This is the cake that will make you dream of diving into fluffy mounds of rich frosting piled on top of moist cake!

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The best vegan restuarant in Youngstown. Good service and excelent food. They serve mostly soups, salads, sammiches, teas, and juice. They have been expanding their menu lately. Try the cupcakes, you won't regret it. There always seems to be delicious specials to try if you don't want anything off of the regular menu.

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