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Ethique Nouveau is amazing! They have wonderful, friendly staff, and the most adorable products. They have it all! From vegan food items, cookbooks, jewelry, clothing, cosmetics, to gifts, they have something for everyone to enjoy. Ethique Nouveau is the only all-vegan store in Minnesota and earned proceeds from their sales go to their animal advocacy programs which is a plus! I always feel great shopping at Ethique Nouveau because I am supporting such an amazing cause! You have got to visit Ethique Nouveau!

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Ethique Nouveau is a cute locally owned boutique, they are conveniently located in the heart of Minneapolis and carry all organic and vegan products. I really loved their mini food section they had things I didn't even know could be made vegan, such as vegan "cheese" crackers, vegan caramels, and vegan honey. I would definitely recommend this store to anyone who is looking for cruelty-free items to accommodate their lifestyle, you'll be supporting a great cause because all proceeds go to the animals!

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This store is awesome! Conveniently located right near Nicollet and Lyndale, close to 35W, Ethique has all your vegan shopping needs. :) Plus, 100% of the purchases go to helping animals! How cool! They have vegan shoes, belts, perfume, lip stuff, body stuff...not to mention awesome goodies like chocolate, "cheese", marshmallows and more! They also have a fantastic book selection, featuring local authors as well as some of the best books on activism, animal rights and vegan nutrition that I've seen in a while. Definitely a must-see when in Minneapolis, or looking for some vegan swag. This place rocks.

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Great store to get many vegan items including treats, clothing, purses, gifts, jewelry and much much more!

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EN is amazing! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this store! I don't even think about money when I come in here! Everything is priced great and is fantastic! I get stuff for me, my kids and even my non veg boyfriend! There is a ton of beautiful purses, jewelry and books! Great snacks and best of all I don't have to sit and look at ingredients or see what brand it is. Everything there is cruelty free!
I just bought the most adorable little black party clutch there last week!~
All of the proceeds go to the Animal Rights Coalition and I never feel an ounce of guilt spending money at this store because it is for such a great cause!


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I love this store! I did most of my Christmas shopping here this year, and picked up a book and some perfume for myself as well. There are lots of cute products, and it's so great to not have to pore over the labels when you're shopping, and to know that the profits are going to help animals.

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Behind Ethique Nouveau’s understated storefront is an elegant treasure trove of completely vegan products, with 100% of the proceeds going to help animals, making this store a rarity in the Twin Cities. As a fashion boutique for men, women, children and nonhumans alike, Ethique has gorgeous wallets, pocketbooks and clothing, as well as distinctive jewelry, household items and artwork (and I hear they’ll be stocking shoes soon). Additionally, Ethique sells books, beauty products, children’s items and unique foods such a vegan white chocolate chips, rice nectar faux "honey" and, most importantly, vegan dog treats that my dog will actually eat! The staff is inviting and knowledgeable, and they often hold special events such as bake sales and massage sessions, again with proceeds going to help animals. Ethique Nouveau is an amazing little shop, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Stop by and you’ll know why!

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Ethique Nouveau is a gorgeous store front, comfortable for anyone to enter, it's not the traditional inscense and hemp that you may expect from an all vegan boutique, oh, that's it, it's a boutique. That's where the lush gotta have it beautiful purses come in, the hand made local original gorgeous jewelry, the handsome men's ties, hip-kind-to-animal belts, and then the good to your belly luscious treats and mind opening, I'm just learning, or I've been here for a while books come into play. This is a place for all the senses. A dog water bowl out front, ethical treats people, dogs & cats inside, regular events like chair massage fund raisers, make over events, they are even a crop share pick up location, and then Cup Cakes for Their Sake - oh have you tried these... ah-may-zing. Oh, and if you want to volunteer, this is also a meeting sight were you too can become involved in animal advocacy. All profit goes right back into helping animals. My advice: stop in.

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this place is great for minnesota! i'm so glad this place exists.
the shop is adorable and i love that this store sells vegan food items i cannot find anywhere else!!! LIKE VEGAN WHITE CHOCOLATE CHIPS AND VEGAN TOFFEE!!!
i will definitely be buying things from this place to help support it. their mission is wonderful and i'm glad i don't need to feel like a super activist to fit in at the store when talking to the people that own it because i am not. the lady i talked to seemed very nice.

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I absolutely love Ethique Nouveau! The store has everything from vegan cookbooks to a wide array of cruelty free bath and body products, cosmetics and jewelry.
I’ve also recently become a huge fan of the clothing, specifically the T-shirts, which allow me to let the world know I’m a vegan simply through my shirt.
And do you want to talk about delicious? I highly recommend buying any of the decadent chocolates and sweets - all animal free - that are sold at the store.
Being a big time fan of books, the shops is also my one stop shop. (please excuse the corny cliche’ - but its true) There’s always a ton of cookbooks, general health books and well-written and frequently discussed books on activism and topics surrounding animal rights.
And what’s even better is that if you happen to be walking your dog past the shop during store hours, the two of you are always invited in to snoop around. Who knows, you might just be led right over to the humane dogs treats and toys.

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I cant seem to walk out of this store without spending a hundred bucks- its like Target for Vegans! The space is super cute, the staff are helpful, and they serve great tea. This is the perfect place to find that special, unique, and (most importantly) compassionate gift for your loved ones, or just to treat yourself. Go there. Now.

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I LOVE this store! How wonderful that we now have TWO vegan specialty shops in Minneapolis - Ethique Nouveau and Fast & Furless.

This not-for-profit shop is adorable & has so many great veg-friendly items. You'll find lip balms, non-leather purses, bath salts, wallets, books, cookbooks, stickers, magnets, t-shirts, cosmetics, paintings, food, and much more! The prices are incredibly fair, and every purchase benefits animal-related programs.

The space is really warm & inviting, with soft lighting & beautiful hardwood floors. I wanted to buy so many things when I stopped in yesterday, but I kept it to a cute/funny little sticker, a magnet (that says "Lovin' my vegan oven!"), and some AMAZING chocolate truffles with various fillings. (Holy moly, these truffles are incredible.)

Ethique Nouveau also collects fur coats (and fur-trimmed accessories) to send to wildlife rehab groups like Coats for Cubs.

I really enjoyed my visit to this store yesterday & I'll be back as often as my pocketbook will allow.

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Ethique Nouveau is a wonderful vegan store in South Minneapolis. I was especially impressed with their vegan handbags and had eyed them for some time after breaking down on my mom's birthday and buying one. While my mom is not vegan, she was extremely impressed with the handicraft of the bag and its meticulous detail.

In addition, the body lotions, soaps, perfumes, and cosmetics are beautifully displayed - with testers readily available. Not to mention their great bumper stickers and vegan dog and cat food and human vegan food options.

The store, with its wood floors, warm, inviting lighting, and well-placed plants encourages you to linger over each great gift possibility. I always end up staying longer than intended, and yet regret leaving sooner than I wanted.

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If you are vegan, live in the Twin Cities metro and have not been to Ethique Nouveau, then put down your mouse, get on your bike (or car or the bus), and go there now. The honey alternative they sell is more than enough reason to visit the store immediately (agave nectar has nothing on this stuff).

And if faux-honey doesn't float your boat then how about a huge bookshelf full of the (soy) cream of the crop in vegan cookbooks and animal rights literature. It's faux-honey for your brain!

And then there's the chocolate. And the huge companion animal section. And the whole bookshelf full of stuff for your vegan children (Isabooties, books, puzzles, message tees, etc.). And a ton of makeup and body care product.

That just skims the surface. There is a wealth of vegan goods here, and they're still expanding their selection. Is there something you want that they don't have? They take suggestions.

Quick example: I wanted to order a book online, but wondered if Ethique Nouveau had it in stock (buy from local businesses if you can, right?). They didn't have it, but Dallas, the manager of the store, said she would order some copies and let me know when they arrived. A week or so later, they arrived, I went into the store and bought a copy and instead of the profit going to, it went to the Animal Rights Coalition. The profit from that book will now be used by our local animal rights group to help animals. This is how it's supposed to work, people.

As a fan of Fast and Furless (the other vegan shop in minneapolis), I was concerned that there would be too much overlap between the products that the two stores sell and people's vegan dollars would be spread too thin between the two stores. But I'm happy to see that the two shops carry barely any of the same items. If you're a Fast and Furless regular, be sure to make the trip to Ethique Nouveau as well. You'll be glad you did.

A couple superficial drawbacks that I think will, for the most part, be fixed with time:

-The store is so new that they don't have a sign out front yet. Pay attention to the address.
-A lot of items are floor-level, which makes it hard to see everything the store has to offer.
-It may be a personal failing on my part, but the name Ethique Nouveau just bothers me. I have no problem with French words, I just can't understand why it's not called "New Ethic". In fact, that's what I call it around the house: New Ethic. Has a nice ring to it.

Now stop reading and go get your faux-honey.

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loved stopping by this store! the products are great and the staff seems really eager to stock hard to find items like vegan friendly belts! when i first went in the store had just opened, but i'm looking forword to seeing what they order in the future!

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I am so so so excited that this store exists! Every time I make it over there, there is something new and wonderful to covet. The prices are super reasonable, too. To the point that I want to say, "Hey, you could get a lot more for this."

All the dollars go to animals, so feel good about dropping some dough on a gorgeous vegan bag or nail polish. And if you have questions, Dallas is always ready to answer them.

A very warm and inviting place.

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I like this place! It's very charming and I love the way it is decorated. There is a wide range of vegan products, and it has the most delicious vegan chocolate ever! That alone was well worth the trip but I also picked up some beauty products and dog treats. There's also a bunch of great books and clothes too.

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