Cheeky Monkey Deli

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I went here tonight with a group of friends and had a great experience. I asked the server if the hummus side was vegan and she went in back and told me all the ingredients in the bread and was super helpful. The soup of the day was also vegan. There aren't tons of vegan options, but for a quick snack it was great!

rating star

I called Cheeky Monkey and they said they didn't know what items were vegan and seemed unwilling to check. I submitted their online contact form and commented on Facebook asking about vegan options and got no reply. I called them again and was told that a sandwich with brie cheese was vegan — it was clear that nobody knew what 'vegan' means. I said that 'vegan' means, among other things, no dairy or eggs — and that means no cheese. She was very confused. After explaining it twice, it was confirmed that Cheeky Monkey Deli does not have any vegan options, and was unwilling to check to see if the bread was vegan. I will keep following up with them to hopefully contact an owner or manager.

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