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Went here for the first time this past weekend and had a great experience. When I made the reservation I mentioned that I was vegan and asked if they'd have any problem accommodating me. They said it was absolutely no problem. When we got there, they noted that I was vegan, and brought me a menu with items checked off if they were or could be done vegan. Those items were:
- Baba Ghanoush
- Yellow Lentil Dip (SO YUMMY)
- Giant beans
- Olives/picked veggies
- Fried Cauliflower
- Green salad with fried pita chips (delicious)
- Beet Salad
- Entree: Vegetarian feature (changes often)

The vegetarian feature I had was winter vegetables with a beet vinaigrette and chickpeas. It was so incredibly flavorful and just tasted very healthy and wholesome.

They have a vegetarian tasting menu as well, but the dessert cannot be made vegan (doesn't seem like they ever have vegan desserts - aside from sorbet, that is). But the dinner we had was really amazing, and I'll definitely go back.

It's not a cheap place, so expect to pay about $20 for your entree plus any appetizers/drinks you want. But I'd say it's worth it.

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