The Restaurant at AS220

Providence, Rhode Island


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Great selection of vegan items at super affordable prices. I got some fried chickpeas for $2 - a HUGE bowl of pan fried chickpeas with garlic, oil and basil. Very good, but better to split with someone else! I also got the kale salad with baked tofu and pickled carrots for about $8. It was good but the tofu didn't have a ton of flavor. I also had the watermelon lemonade for $3, which was good. I wish I could have come back to try the tempeh and kraut sandwich or some vegan desserts, but I am happy to see so many options on the menu.

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This is a diner where you order at the counter and then go sit down.
I had a great mushroom & tofu scramble type of sandwich. Very good! The place had a fun atmosphere and there was a little folk band playing in the corner. I will definitely go back.

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It's really hard to find good vegan mac and cheese...theirs was great! it had spinach mixed in and bread crumbs on the top. It was like something my mom would have made. as220 has great drinks, great music, and great food!

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