The Cinnamon Snail

Manhattan, New York City


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I had a very happy experience on my birthday. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at The Cinnamon Snail. They were extremely friendly and cordial. Not only was the food delicious, cheap, and quickly made, they did it with enthusiasm and a neighborliness that is only matched by family. The food is also very creative and intriguing, wherein they serve “cashew oat waffles with pine nut butter” and “Red Curry Grilled tofu Bahn Mi”. Eating here is highly recommended; the service is A+, the food is A+, and prices are beyond reasonable. Do yourself a favor and eat here!


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I have to tell you something. As a guy who eats pretty much anything on a plate I had no reservations to trying out something from the "Snail".

First off the design of the truck is an inviting as the staff inside of it. They offer fresh, fantastic, organically grown food in the most intriguing combinations. I've been to the Red Bank Farmers Market on a number of occasions and always stop off for something.

It doesn't matter to me if they serve vegan food. As long as the food is good, I'll eat it. AND THIS FOOD IS GREAT!!!

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its all vegan and all organic.
i am not a vegan.
i am just picky, or pretentious. i have a lot of food allergies.
i wish it lived at my house and made amazing delicious healthy food any time i thought i was hungry.
also, i wish it didn't live at my house because then i would eat 30 pastries a day and become a shut it,

the sweets are great, they are always adding new things, the smell is great, the people are super and the truck is beautiful!

i love the spinach pastry. i also the the chocolate raspberry ganache thing that i ate a whole box of.

this is a great find for people with dairy issues! or that only eat happy animals.

or just weird foodies. this chef has a great talent and he is applying it to the vegan medium and the creations are unique and delish and you should try them all.

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while visiting family in Hoboken, we stumbled upon the Cinnamon Snail truck. Let me first say I'm newly vegan and never eaten from a vegan truck before and had no idea what to expect. My husband and I each had the breakfast burrito and absolutely loved it! My husband does not like tofu (thought he didn't), but loved the scrambled tofu in the burrito! It was so delicious and the portion was huge! The price was very fair for the top quality food. If you are lucky enough to live or work in Hoboken, you NEED to go try The Cinnamon Snail! There is nothing else like it! You Guys Rock! I only wish we had something like this near my home in Swansboro NC.

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Cinnamon Snail has a fairly extensive menu for a food truck. They have curried tofu and teriyaki seitan sandwiches, fancy salads, and tons of baked goods! Yum.

I haven't made it to Hoboken to try the truck but was lucky enough to try it when they participated in the NYC Food Truck Festival in Brooklyn last week. I enjoyed my teriyaki seitan sandwich but wasn't super impressed buy the curried tofu sandwich. The latter didn't have much of a curry flavor so it was slightly bland. I was also very unimpressed with the desserts. I ordered both a strawberry-glazed donut (which was SUPER bland, barely any flavor from the glaze) and a toasted coconut donut, which had a more flavorful topping but the donut itself was crazy dried out and overcooked. Boo! I also tried my friend's "cinnamon snail" which was basically a cinnamon roll. It was decent, but nothing to brag about. It lacked sufficient cinnamon filling and glaze and was mostly dough.

The Food Truck Festival was insanely busy so the wait was like 30 minutes for a sandwich. It is very possible that Cinnamon Snail was overwhelmed at the event, especially being a new business, so I hope to try their food again soon to get a better idea of what it tastes like on a normal day.

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For me this is a dream come true. It's been a few weeks since the Cinnamon Snail truck showed up in Hoboken and I'm still having a hard time believing that this is real and that it's here to stay. The food is simply excellent - on par with the classiest vegan restaurants in Manhattan and pretty much anywhere - and while I wouldn't say it is super cheap, it's quite affordable and certainly worth it.

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