Verde Juice Bar

Brooklyn, New York City


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I've only had carrot juice here and it was good, but I think the prices are pretty high ($6 for 12 oz!), but that's not too surprising given the high price of the gym membership. I, personally, chose not to patronize the gym/juice bar because I find their prices to be totally out of reach for the majority of neighborhood residents. Nearly all of the gym/juice bar patrons are 20-something white kids that are new to the area and I think this is frustrating to long-time community members and working families.

I don't so much have an issue w/ the juice bar, but I don't trust the gym that its located in and operated by. It seems like the whole "green" thing is a publicity stunt (although they do have some great recycled products and practices), they don't recycle, they stock petroleum-based, non-organic, tested-on-animal, multi-nationally-owned products in the bathroom, and use Clorox and Windex for cleaners. Given their apparent lack of commitment to going green, I question their commitment to vegetarianism.

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