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vegan-friendly juice bar


Xoom is your typical juice/smoothie bar but in addition to soy milk, they offer several other non-dairy milks, along with vegan ice cream that they use in place of yogurt in smoothies. All the typical fruits (banana, strawberry, mango) are available, but they also offer acai, acerola, and guava, which are less common.

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Delicious! I first heard about Xoom through Groupon and I'm so glad that I bought the coupon. It's easy to find a vegan juice anywhere (it's not like chicken fat is a common ingredient in a carrot juice), but some juice bars only offer soy milk as the non-dairy milk. While I love me some soy, I prefer to have almond milk in my smoothie, and I LOVE that Xoom even has vegan frozen yogurt (So Delicious) that they put in smoothies instead of just saying "I can just leave out the yogurt" like a lot of places do. I had the acerola and guava smoothie and it was marvelous. I can't wait to go back to have another.

I also spoke with a woman who I think was the manager and she was very friendly. She was aware of the vegan community (mentioned the vegan bake sale for Haiti fundraiser) and even said she donated a gift card to the fundraiser. Nice work, Xoom!

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