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Great location in Park Slope. If you're visiting NYC, stay at the Park Slope Inn which is just a block away from 'sNice. It was very nice to be able to go to 'sNice each morning for coffee, baked goods, nutella and banana breakfast sandwich, bagel, etc before hitting the road for some sight seeing.

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I haven't been to this location as much as the Manhattan location but they have the same menu for as far as I can tell. While I love the hustle and bustle of the Manhattan location, including a ready supply of young, beautiful vegetarians (per some article I read about the location at some point), I like that there is usually more seating are in Brooklyn, including tables outdoor during nice weather. The Brooklyn location is also a more kid-friendly location and often has lots of families and kids in strollers, so watch your cursing!

A friend and I dined here last night and I had the vegan bbq chicken wrap w/ vegan ranch dressing. I gotta say it was probably my least favorite dish that I'd ever had at either 'snice. The BBQ chicken was really plain and the ranch dressing lacked flavor. The chunks of carrots and celery were an interesting twist to make the sandwich resemble a BBQ wing platter in a bar, but didn't spice it up enough for me.

The food only took 10 minutes to come out which wouldn't be long if the meal were more than a few pre-made items thrown on a plate or if there were more than a few other customers in the restaurant, but my friend and I thought we were waiting too long for what we ordered.

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