Grand Szechuan

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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How many restaurants are there in the Twin Cities that have the word "Szechuan" in their title? My estimate is 47. And they all have chefs that formerly worked at Little Szechuan (in St. Paul) or Tea House (in Plymouth).

This is not a bad thing, because these restaurants are spread out and fill niches in random places, from Roseville to Bloomington to Plymouth to St. Paul.

The menu here, for the record, is virtually identical to the menu at Little Szechuan, and has about 85% overlap with Szechuan in Roseville. Vegan dishes include: ma po tofu; home style tofu; szechuan green beans; stir fried pea tips; kung pao lotus roots; etc.

I had a szechuan spicy tofu ($10). The dish was okay. In terms of quality, it doesn't match Little Szechuan's dish of the same name; by comparison, Grand Szechuan's version is less spicy, and the tofu is not as crisply fried. If anything, it's a bit too chewy.

I also wanted a scallion pancake appetizer, but they only serve that on the weekend.

The service is friendly and prompt. The prices are reasonable.

By Bloomington's standards, Grand Szechuan is gourmet and way better than any other Chinese restaurant in the area. It doesn't live up to Little Szechuan in St. Paul, but I'm glad the suburbs are starting to get some decent dining options.

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