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Boston, Massachusetts


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I have to admit, I had high expectations for The Pulse Cafe. I loved the owners' previous restaurant, Vej Naturals. Needless to say, I was very excited when I discovered that they were opening a larger restaurant in Boston. Unfortunately, the only pleasant part about my meal at The Pulse Cafe was the Root Beer Float (which, admittedly, is pretty hard to mess up).

I started my meal with the Loaded Fries, which sounded delicious in the menu description ("french fries with melty cashew cheese, tempeh bacon and sour cream") but in reality they were disgusting. The fries were incredibly soggy and the "cashew cheese" tasted like mustard mixed with nutritional yeast. The tempeh bacon had a very strange flavor that I couldn't quite place, but my dinner companion remarked that the taste reminded him of liver.

My entree wasn't much better. I ordered the Somerville Cheese Steak, which might have been decent if I had asked for it to be made with Daiya (which was one of the options). Instead, I went with the homemade pepperjack "cheese," which was the same mustard/nutritional yeast flavored goo that came on the Loaded Fries. In short, it tasted nothing like pepperjack.

To make matters worse, I spent the entire meal anxiously waiting to try one of the desserts (Rooiboos Cake with Vanilla Chai Icing) only to discover that it was sold out by the time that I finished my meal. I would say that I'll try it the next time that I'm at the Pulse Cafe, but I honestly don't think I'll ever be back there again. There are too many other wonderful places to find a vegan meal in Boston.

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May I vote for the tempeh reuben as 'very delicious' and deeply satisfying!?

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I loved this place. I ate here with a friend and the food was very tasty, interesting, and healthy. The service was nice but not particularly friendly. The atmosphere was pleasant. We ran into one of this friends, and I get the impression that this place is a good vegan community spot. I would definitely go again.

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Pulse carries on the tradition of Vej Naturals, which was the owners' previous restaurant in the Boston area: quality vegan cuisine at affordable prices.

The menu varies, based on availability of quality ingredients and various "theme" nights so it is difficult to recommend specific dishes, but Pulse offers consistent quality and is quickly becoming a favorite among Boston area vegans, vegetarians, and people who like good, fresh, healthy food.

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